Personal Training, Internal Martial Arts & Traditional Chinese Medicine

My purpose is to promote and preserve Yang Family XinYiLiuHe Quan (Chinese Internal Martial Arts) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods through personal training and wellness sessions.

About Ryan

I was born in Ontario, Canada, grew up living overseas and traveling all over the world, being exposed to many different cultures. This started a long journey of discovery. Drawn to martial arts and its weapons as a young child, the ancient arts always called to me.

I’ve been training Traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 29 years with the last 18 years focusing on the internal martial arts of XinYi LiuHe Quan, Chen Family Taijiquan, Bagua and their associated health systems. Since meeting my current teacher, Yang Family XinYi Master Yang Hai Ming, 3rd Generation, I have solely focused on Yang Family XinYi and it's Yang Sheng (Healing Methods Qigong). Its martial and health benefits are unlike anything I've ever experienced. 

I have also been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for 14 years and teaching workshops in the United States and Canada for many years.

I would like to thank Master Yang Hai Ming for teaching me with his full heart and his trust in me to teach his family's art!


The Three Treasures

The "Three Treasures" are the very root of Chinese Medicine. The "Three Treasures" are (Jing) essence, (Qi) breath, and (Shen) Heart / Mind / Spirit.Through training, we can develop and refine the "Three Treasures". By training the (Jing), the muscles, tendons, bones, and skin become powerful and relaxed, by training the (Qi), the breath becomes deep and energizing, by training the (Shen), our mind and intent become sharp and clear. By integrating these practices into our daily lives, we continue to grow stronger, healthier, faster, well into our old age!

The "Three Treasures" will be a major focus for all our workshops, retreats, and trips.

Squamish 2016 - Master Yang leading a workshop

Squamish 2016 - Master Yang leading a workshop

Traditonal Chinese Medicine and the Internal Martial Arts are inseperable, like Yin and Yang. They are incomplete without each other. One is theory and one is practice. Practice being the most important as theory is learned through experiencing.

I believe the purpose of a Chinese Medicine Doctor is to educate their clients how to become their own Doctor, to become aware of their own body, mind, and spirit. Through the practice of Yang Family XinYi this can be systematiclly accomplished.

I believe Yang Family XinYi, is living Chinese Medicine, it’s health benefits are endless.